About us

Shortly after the Second World War, Marcel Joris decided to start producing ice cream. To that end, he bought his first ice cream machine. These models used large ice blocks, the same ones that were also used in fridges, beer coolers and cool transport at the time. The ice cream mixture would be boiled (similar to a pudding) in a big soup pot and afterwards frozen in an ice turbine. When ready, it would be placed in a cargo bike and surrounded with ice blocks to maintain the temperature while it sold. With improvements in technology, the cargo bike was later motorised and, with time, the ice cream machines became more sophisticated as well. Eventually, the cargo bike would become a small truck, the freezer a freezer room, and one truck became several.
Selling Ice Cream by bike
Selling ice cream by bike
Over time, the family business was taken over by his daughter and, later, his granddaughter. Our company has evolved and now has many ice cream trucks in addition to a few freezer trucks. The machinery has been modernized and the stock increased drastically. After a period of growth in the early 2000s, we decided to split production into two branches: private sales (as JorisIjs be) and the catering market / food service industry (as B'Nice), which has helped us provide specialized service to our clients, while continuing to maintain the quality that we have always been known for.
First Ice Cream Trucks
First ice cream trucks
We make our ice cream with fresh farmers milk exclusively, provided by local farmers-- it's a product of nature, produced with only quality ingredients. Are you diabetic or do you have a food allergy? Are you looking for ice cream based on goat milk or sheep milk, ice cream without added sugars or lactose free ice cream? No problem, we offer a large product range in our store.