Ice cream cakes

We make ice cream cakes for various occasions.

You can choose from the following flavors :
  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla / mocha
  • Vanilla / chocolate
  • Vanilla / raspberry sorbet

Each ice cream cake has an almond biscuit base.

We can also print photos on sugar paper. You can mail us high resolution photos at

Ice cream cakes for 8 - 11 people
Price per person : € 5.50

Ice cream cakes for 12 people or more
Price per person : € 4.51

Ice cream lambs are possible starting from 12 people
Price per person : € 4.51

Prices for wedding cakes, pièce-montée’s and custom cakes can be requested.

Ice cream cakes have to be ordered at least 1 week in advance.

You can order a cake here.

Some Examples

You can find more pictures of our cakes on our Facebook page.